Negative Nancy

I realized today that I’m a negative person.  I try REALLY hard not to be, but I am.

I was driving to work this morning, and the morning talk show was talking about Father’s Day posts. The guy said, “Those bug me so much. It’s like they’re all just bragging.” The woman disagreed and mentioned how they make her happy, that they address honoring the dads, and she likes to read them.  Guess who I sided with?

Honestly though, don’t they bother you? Like, “Look how awesome my dad and husband are! They’re so much better than yours! And here’s a tribute to them about all of their great qualities so that you can feel bad about your dad and husband because they don’t match up to mine!” 

No? Just me?  (And radio talk show host guy)

Then later,  I got a very kind text from a friend who was attempting to show me how great it was that this person, who wrote a blog, was overcoming difficulties with their own speech to become a speech therapist themselves. I took it as the blog writer was bashing SLPs. 

Seriously. What is wrong with me??

Regardless though, at least I was able to realize (with the help of my friend and the radio hosts) that I would probably be happier and bring more light to the world if I tried to spread a little joy instead of assuming negativity. 

I have been around a lot of happy people in my life (one benefit of growing up with a church family and influence). There are always those people who find the good in everything.  Or those people who seem to always be able to have a good time and have fun and smile despite the circumstances. Those are the people that are good to be around. 

However, I have days when I need my “misery loves company” people. They are real and down to earth and aren’t afraid to say it straight. I love those people. I need those people. 

Can you be both things? Is there a good blend of overly happy and down to earth grime? That’s what I need.  I need an app to find those people – or to be those people. I can’t find that balance in myself yet.  I’m looking though. I really am. 

Have you found it? 

I’d call that balance… that pretty glow. 🙂