Matthew McConaughey

This guy is an American actor according to Wikipedia.  Hahaha! Yeah, no kidding. He’s also my mom’s boyfriend. Or is that Johnny Depp? She has lots of boyfriends.

One other thing I find fascinating about him is his impeccable talent to make speeches. Maybe he has smart speech writers. Maybe he’s just actually smart.  Turns out, homeboy went to college at University of Texas at Austin. So there’s that.

Point is, tonight I watched a speech that he made. It culminated in, “Prioritize your life. I prioritize my life into five areas- fatherhood,  marriage,  health, career, friendship.” And it resonated with me. I think I’ve actually watched that speech before, but tonight it made sense.

Motherhood is and will always be my number one.  Even when I’m trying to be alone…or leave the state…it is my numero uno. I constantly have fears and worries about my children and how I can mold them into the best sorts of people. I love them fiercely.

Marriage is hard. Remember that from earlier? This has become more apparent to me just in the last 3 months. But as a wise woman once said,  “you build from adversity”. You have to. It makes you a stronger person and your significant other a stronger person.  The only way to get through adversity with other people is outright communication.  Don’t skip around your concerns.  Just say it.

Health. Oh health.  We have a love/hate relationship.  I wish it was more love.  I can right now think of at least 10 people, who are very close to me, who are going through worse health situations than I am or did.  We are talking cancer, degenerative diseases, immobility, autoimmune diseases,  you name it.  I had a herniated disc that is recovering very nicely.  Did it hurt? Hell yes.  Worse pain than labor or c- section, or any other pain I’ve ever felt? Yep.  Does it even hold a candle to what these people I know are experiencing?  NOPE. But it was a stark reminder to me that I need to shape up, or I’ll be shipping out.

Career is another big one for me.  I love, love, love my career as a Speech Language Pathologist. Seriously, I do. There’s not a day where I hate going to work. It is my niche. Lately, however, it had completely taken over everything. I’ve had to do a complete overhaul.  It is good though. Good things and NEW things to come!

Friendships are my lifeline. They keep me laughing, sane, open-minded, kind, caring, adventurous, and accepting. My friends are amazing. I believe you find the perfect friends for you right when you need them. I try to keep the best ones around to fill up my bucket.

That Pretty Glow portion of this continues to be the good you can find in the ordinary parts of life. The parts that are all around and make my world go round (Well that, and fat bottomed girls. Anyone? Queen?).